Package 1: the basic brand

Get off on the right foot. Branding is sooo much more than a logo. It is your business's personality. Your logo should be a reflection of how you want to do business as well as an image you hang your hat on. Think of all the brands you know, (you see about 3000 a day!) Is your business targeting kids? retirees? pet owners, chocolate lovers? Your logo should look like it!  

We are professional designers with years of experience in branding and in marketing a new brand. Don't rely on the help of your talented nephew, you need to represent the thought, blood, sweat and tears that have matured your business idea. Your brand, as represented by your logo and tagline must stand out to make a good first impression with backers, venders, potential customers, and anyone in your network. We make it easy for you to be polished and be remembered by the people who can help.  

Consultation on brand identity and positioning
Logo and tagline development — 2 versions of each, plus revisions, delivered in 3 file types
$850. includes: 
Your new logo on 50 premium business cards
250 sheets of letterhead and 100 envelopes
Plus a branded email signature
check out some of our branding work

Package 2: a basic website

Forget about doing this yourself. There are things you are uniquely qualified to do to bring your business to life, building a website probably isn't one of them! The latest stats show that 90% of purchase decisions start with an online search. Getting your business online is essential to your growth. Let us do this for you. We have big agency backgrounds, pages full of awards for design and degrees and certificates in Online Marketing. We'll can build you a great website!  

For now, you may just want people to learn more about your business, the unique aspects of your product or service and be able to get in touch with you easily. We'll build you a beautiful site with a marketing strategy, great usability, analytics to tell who is coming to the site and from where,  and build it on a platform that can be edited and expanded when you need it.    

$4,350. includes:
Developing content with you. (We can't make it yours without you! But we simplify the process, write, edit and help get the messaging right.)
Search and purchase of stock photos ($150. budget included)
wireframe then layout for approval and 2 rounds of revisions
One year hosting and domain name, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and google analytics 
Note: More than six pages or a shopping cart will add to the cost.

Package 3: branding and website

Dress for success. As we get to know your vision for your business it allows us to craft a unique, solid groundwork for growth. Your branding and website give your business a tangible existence, sometimes more important than a physical location, that gives credibility to your ideas. Put the expertise we have developed while working with major corporations and nonprofits to work for you. 

$5000. includes all of package 1 and 2